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Wow! Isn't this a sight? What amazes me is how such a small country can have so many huge, open spaces.  And be so beautiful. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have less square mileage than the state of Colorado. Fifty-six million people live in that area. You'd think it would be entirely built up, not a spare square inch anywhere, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Just miles from any town, you'll find wide open spaces, the greenest grass, the rollingest hills, the most beautiful trees. I love it.


I'm from a small town, certainly a village in Lancashire called Adlington. Click here to read my friend Bill's writing about Adlington

I was both a top-ender and a bottom-ender over the years I lived there. I think I'll always be a bottom ender at heart. If you ever go, be sure to visit Martin in the White Bear for a pint and some good company. Be sure to tell him Claire sent you. 

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